Leonis Group Spa is a Company that work in different sector directly or through his partners.

Leonis Group Spa was founded in 2015. It is a trading company to operate in the Italian and European Market of Petroleum’s Derivates.
Leonis Group also operates in the marine recreational industry with its Partners "Basil Postiglione Shipyard" as shipyard for storage, repairs and modifications of imabarcazioni, and through its partner "Commodore" is able to find all the best to its customers in terms of logistics.


Leonis GROUP SPA operates on the market as a wholesale seller, ensuring quality and experience. Those are the basis of the excellent results.


Logistic is done with important partners as Commodore for train, truck and airplanes's transports and Shipping Agency for shipping of Petroleum’s Refined. We grant all international security standards respected.


Core business of the company in 2016 was to position itself with a small and medium volumes in a sector of hydrocarbons refueling in every italian ports the fleet ranges which Leonis Group srl operates goes from 2.700 MT to 30.000 MT.

This was the strong point that allowed Leonis Group srl to capture relevant clients such as: API, Maxcom, Italian Navy, IES.




"Leonis Group’s" target on 2016 was to strengthen the gained market. On 2017 "Leonis Group" SPA has recognized as an operator capable of consolidating the supplies acquired contracts at term.
Also increase the volume of spot supplies.
Leonis Group’s corporate policies on safety, environment and quality shared with Leonis Group’s partners, develope foor avoiding loss of human life and injury to people. Prevent the possibility of accidents, thanks to the envolvement of company employees in reporting dangerous situations.