Leonis Roma is a basketball team part of the Lega Pallacanestro, Serie A2 championship.
The owner of this basketball team is Eurobasket Roma, namely
a Roman sports club that grew year by year, making its way through the Serie A2 thanks to
a strong contribution of young roman champions.

Eurobasket Roma is strongly present on Roman territory through an extended coverage of basketball schools which cooperate in a specific network that allows an organic growth of the young participants, as well as a more widespread passion in following this sport.

Leonis shares Sport’s fundamental values particularly the respect for the opponents and for the rules of the game, for this reasons Leonis Group is title sponsor since 2017 following up the social effort to whom the Company devolves part of its own turnover.

The above mentioned project is aimed at the formation, in students, of a capability to “be a team player”, and to have the opportunity of
acquiring “crediti formativi scuola/lavoro” being able to benefit from the mentorship inside
the building of the Eurobasket and of its commercial partners to see the administrative
aspects and also the managerial ones.

In developing the idea of basket beyond the sport itself, Leonis has implemented its focus on the Community in supporting also the organization of European and Global sports events, television events dedicated to the Community; and Leonis also choose to support the cooperation between Eurobasket Roma and World Food Programme, namely a project focused on the new generations and to the future of our planet in which the raising of awareness on the true problem of the World Hunger is a focal point.

In line with this way of thinking, Leonis supports the philosophy and the mission of the “Aspen Institute Italia”, an association born from “The Aspen Institute” that established itself in the USA in 1950 on the initiative of a group of American scholars and businessmen convinced of the necessity of re-launch the dialogue, the knowledge and the humanitarian values in a complex and evolving international geopolitical reality, that just went out from the post-conflict situation of World War Two.

Aspen Institute Italia’s mission is the internationalization of the entrepreneurial, political and cultural leadership of the Country through a free exchange between different ideas and origins to identify and promote values, knowledge and mutual interests. The institute focuses itself on the more current problems and challenges of politics, economics, culture and society, paying particular attention to the Italian and international business community.