Leonis Group S.p.A is a Company born at the end of 2015 as a trading oil company which operates mainly in the Italian market.
After a change in the shareholding structure in 2016, the Company expanded into other areas and set itself
new targets by diversifying its commercial interests, aiming also at the development of innovative projects that
uses the Graphene, and investing in the petrochemical sector. The above mentioned targets were made possible thanks to our high quality staff, and also to the network of qualified external professionals to whom Leonis Group entrusts.

Leonis Group, through the holding participation in other Companies, has acquired Know-How also in the energy sector,
in the Cyber Security, in the I. T. Sector and in the shipyard sector.
Currently the shareholders are Mister Danilo Angarella (C. E. O) with 50% and Merak Ltd with the other 50%, both
committed also in other business sectors, reflecting a cross-cutting entrepreneurial skills, which respond to a more and more integrated and global market.

Leonis Group is going through a process of change aimed at becoming a multisectoral entity able to extend its competences in multiple sectors, but always acting in a direct form, professionally and with accuracy.

Starting from a re-imagining of the use of the logo, namely a design differentiation of the logo for each asset in which Leonis will be involved,
to get to build a subsidiary of Leonis for each asset developed, Leonis Group Spa will become an holding Company where the single subsidiaries will merge into.