Leonis Energy Srl, namely a start-up born in 2017 with the aim of developing the energy sector through the completion of the process to let itself become an “ESCO” Company. Those project will have tangible shape thanks to the acquisition of the remainig 50 % of the Company by Leonis Group, making itself the only business partner.

starlife srl

Starlife Srl is a Company in which Leonis Group participate in the capital with a minority share. That Company is an incubator of participations that works as holding by diversifying its portfolio in the sector of Cyber Security.


Cantiere Navale Basilio Postiglione is a young Srl Company that owns a trademark with more than 150 years of history behind, that has made a substantial contribution in improving the development of Italian yachting sector. The shipyard today carries out services of refitting through the repairing, renovation and modernization, by exploiting the long experience acquired in the sector by the professionals who works in it.