I prodotti raffinati petroliferi sono i prodotti attraverso i quali la Leonis ha potuto presentarsi
e fornire le Major del settore in Italia.

Thanks to its competitiveness and reliability Leonis was able to carry out an organic growth consolidating its market share and skills, developing in that way a high turnover that allowed it to wide the horizons towards other European markets.

The working model is entrusted to an internal team that works with national and international partners to obtain the best operating results, namely brokers, shipping agency, brokerage shipping company or directly with ship-owners.

Each naval shipping is carried out with a close supervision seeking also to protect the environment and the safeguard of human lives. Those principles are at the heart of Leonis policy and of that of its partners.

Lots size delivered to its customers in various Italian harbors during the years has been mainly small and medium size (4.2 kt and 10 kt), but since 2019 Company target switched to heavy and full size cargo (10 kt and 30 kt). Currently it is a Leonis prerogative to consolidate its customers providing a specialist service in costs optimization $/mt intended as overall cost for a C&F or CIF provision to its customer.